Professional Writing


Becky Nelson New Beginnings

CLIENT: Becky Nelson New Beginnings Inc. CLIENT TYPE: A nonprofit organization PROJECT SCOPE: Writing for all website pages, covering organization mission and model statements, client success stories, application process guidelines, Google Forms application, and blog posts. CLICK LOGO FOR SAMPLES

David Cisneros Marketing

CLIENT: David Cisneros Marketing CLIENT TYPE: An ecommerce site for internet marketing products. PROJECT SCOPE: Keyword-rich, private label rights (PLR) web content covering a broad range of topics. Produced 390+ 1-page articles and 41 35-page reports. CLICK LOGO FOR SAMPLE

High Beam Research

CLIENT: High Beam Research CLIENT TYPE: Online educational archive and search engine owned by Cengage Learning. PROJECT SCOPE: Encyclopedic articles covering a broad range of topics. Produced 50+ articles. CLICK LOGO FOR SAMPLES

Judenland Management Consulting

CLIENT: Judenland Management Consulting, Inc. CLIENT TYPE: SEO content provider. PROJECT SCOPE: Researched/sourced SEO articles using primary and secondary keyword phrases as prescribed. Produced 200+ articles. CLICK LOGO FOR SAMPLE


CLIENT: Mahalo CLIENT TYPE: A now-defunct knowledge exchange site. PROJECT SCOPE: A series of technical how-to articles, using prescribed style guidelines. CLICK LOGO FOR SAMPLES

THS National

CLIENT: THS NATIONAL CLIENT TYPE: A construction renovation company PROJECT SCOPE: Company-wide new employee onboarding procedure handbook. CLICK LOGO FOR SAMPLE

Logo Placeholder

CLIENT: Under non disclosure CLIENT TYPE: A wiki-style how-to article community. PROJECT SCOPE: Instructional articles covering a broad range of topics, within style guide parameters, for viewership of over 1.8 million registered users. Produced 200+ articles. CLICK LOGO FOR SAMPLES

Write on the Edge

CLIENT: Write on the Edge CLIENT TYPE: A web content distribution company. PROJECT SCOPE: Ghostwriting. Produced 2600+ blog posts and articles. CLICK LOGO FOR SAMPLES

Personal Writing

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